With speed limits across Wales changing from 30mph to 20mph last Sunday we look at what happens if you get caught speeding.

The Welsh Government says that £32.5 million will be spent on implementing the new 20mph speed limit and around 13,000kms of roads in Pembrokeshire will be affected.

The changes have resulted in a 110 per cent increase in searches for ‘speeding fines’ - particularly in Wales.

The question ‘how long does a speeding fine take to come’ is also a current ranking search term on Google, showing that these fines are on everyone’s minds at the moment.

The Police and GoSafe will enforce the new 20mph.

They will also be engaging with motorists to ensure that the new speed limits are respected.

Go Safe says that enforcement will take place where it is needed to keep roads and communities safe and will be carried out through a combination of mobile enforcement vehicles and fixed cameras.

It adds that drivers will be given the opportunity to adjust to the change. However, if there is still a concern for people speeding in the area, it will work with local policing teams, community speed watch groups, and local authorities to determine the best approach.

This may include roadside engagement operations, speed calming measures, continued mobile enforcement, or a combination of these.

With this in mind Scott Nelson - founder and personal finance expert at MoneyNerd has shared his insight on the UK’s rights when it comes to speeding fines:

What happens when you get caught speeding?

When you get caught speeding, the registered vehicle owner will be sent a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) in the post.

The NIP comes with a document to be returned to the police and gives the owner a chance to report someone else driving the vehicle at the time, including their contact information.

How long does it take to receive an NIP in the post?

The NIP must be received by the registered vehicle’s owner within 14 days of the speeding offence. If this doesn’t happen, then the offender cannot be fined, given penalty points, or prosecuted in court.

This 14-day rule includes weekends and public holidays.

Are there any exceptions to this rule?

An NIP doesn’t have to be sent to the registered vehicle keeper if a police officer gave you a verbal warning and collected the required details. In these instances, you should expect a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) instead of an NIP.

How much are speeding fines currently in the UK?

The most you can be fined for speeding in the UK is £2,500 on a motorway or £1,000 on other roads. Your fine amount will be determined by how much you were over the speed limit and your weekly income.