A FORMER Pembrokeshire College student has had great success in the art world, with her work being displayed in galleries across the pond.

Caitlin Flood-Molyneux is a visionary contemporary Welsh artist who uses a unique fusion of paint and mixed media collage.

She began her artistic journey at the college on a graphic design diploma before moving on to the foundation diploma and then moving on to Cardiff Metropolitan University to study art and design.

Whilst at university, her artistic horizons expanded significantly, spending a year in Norway as part of her course.

Caitilin said: “My best years were spent at college as that’s where I found my love for art and pursuing a dream career.

“College felt like a family, and the lecturers were so supportive, I could not recommend them enough.”

Cath Brooks, Pembrokeshire College’s curriculum area manager, said: “Caitlin is a beautiful, generous, creative soul, we are very proud to observe and celebrate her phenomenal artistic achievements so far.

“Caitlin always possessed a determination and persistence to explore, investigate and inform herself through creative practice. Caitlin honed a very open attitude to grab opportunity and establish a strong positive work ethic, a true role model for anyone.”

Caitlin focuses on the connection between pop culture imagery and the intricate tapestry of human emotion and memory.

She draws inspiration from the revolutionary styles of DADA and early pop art and found imagery with abstract, painterly forms, crafting a distinctive visual language that captures the essence of her narrative.

Caitlin also used historical imagery in her work to serve as a vessel for the memories she aims to convey.

Her artistic expression has been said to strike a harmonious balance between deeply personal experiences and universal themes, allowing viewers to embark on a personal voyage of connection and reflection.

Caitlin’s work has been displayed at a New York Gallery as well as the Saatchi Art Fair and Christie’s Auction House in London, alongside work from figures such as Banksy and Andy Warhol.

Caitlin is currently working on a show with artist Lynette Reed.