As fuel prices rise for the ninth consecutive week we are all feeling the strain of filling up our car.

Pembrokeshire Petrol Price Watch’s top ten cheapest places to fill up with unleaded and diesel may help.

The RAC reported this week that the average price of diesel rocketed by more than 8p a litre in September and petrol by 4.5p on the back of global oil production cuts which have driven the cost of a barrel close to $100.

The motoring organisation says that diesel shot up from 154.78p at the start of the month to 163.11p by the close (8.33p) making for its fifth biggest monthly rise since 2000.

Unleaded went up from 152.49p to 157.01p (4.52p), its 13th biggest monthly jump in price in the last 23 years. This is on top of rises drivers suffered in August, when petrol went up by nearly 7p and diesel by another 8p.

The increases mean it now costs nearly £90 to fill up a 55-litre family diesel car – around £4 more in a month, and the highest cost since April – and more than £86 for a similar petrol car, an increase of over £2 in September and the highest cost since December 2022.

The RAC says the price rises are being driven by oil producer group OPEC+ restricting global supply in conjunction with the weaker value of sterling which makes wholesale fuel, which is traded in dollars, more expensive to buy in the UK.

Throughout September the cost of a barrel went from just under $89 to around $96 which added 8p a litre to the wholesale price of diesel. The last time oil was traded for over $100 a barrel was at the end of August 2022.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said that petrol is currently overpriced by around 7p a litre, although the price of diesel is likely to go up further still in the coming weeks.

With this in mind, it’s useful to know the cheapest places in Pembrokeshire to fill up. Here they are, compiled by Pembrokeshire Petrol Price Watch’s John Durham.

Top Ten Petrol Standard Unleaded E10

No. 1 - 146.9p: Begelly/Kilgetty.

No. 2 - 147.7p: Victoria Garage, Milford.

No. 3 - 147.9p: Kiln Park, Tenby.

No. 4 - 148.9p: Tesco, Milford Haven.

No. 5 - 149.9p: Crymych; Robeston Wathen.

No. 6 - 150.9p: Lamphey Murco.

No. 7 - 152.9p: East Gate, Narberth; Eglwyswrw.

No. 8 - 155.9p: Crossways Neyland ; Green Garage, Pembroke ; Tesco, Pembroke Dock ; Dinas Cross.

No. 9 - 156.9p: Llandewi Velfrey; Tesco, Haverfordwest.

No. 10 - 157.7p: Asda, Pembroke Dock.

Top Ten Standard Diesel B7

No. 1 - 158.7p: Asda, Pembroke Dock.

No. 2 - 158.9p: Tesco, Milford Haven.

No. 3 - 159.7p: Victoria Garage, Milford.

No. 4 - 159.9p: Robeston Wathen; Crossways, Neyland; Ocean Haze, St Davids; Green Garage, Pembroke; Begelly/Kilgetty; Crymych.

No. 5 - 160.9p: Eglwyswrw; Tesco, Pembroke Dock; Kiln Park, Tenby.

No. 6 - 161.9p: Lamphey, Murco; Ocean Haze, St Davids; East Gate, Narberth.

No. 7 - 162.9p: Dinas Cross; Tesco, Haverfordwest ; Pelcomb.

No. 8 - 163.9p:Morrisons, Haverfordwest; Johnston; Llandewi Velfrey; Goodwick; Texaco Garage, Withybush; Fishguard, Pendre Garage.

No. 9 - 164.9p: Letterston; Tesco, Haverfordwest.

No. 10 - 167.9p: Glandy Cross, Efailwen.