Sensational claims that graffiti artist Banksy was none other than former Pembroke Dock town councillor William Gannon resurfaced this week when he found himself the subject of the popular daytime quiz show ‘House of Games’.

The question posed by host Richard Osman on the BBC Two show asked contestants the reason for Gannon’s resignation from the council in 2022.

Was it:

a) He couldn’t secure funding for a new toll bridge;

b) People thought he was Banksy;

c) He wanted a build a boat and

d) He lost funding for planting daffodils on roundabouts.

Mr Gannon first hit the headlines in May 2022, just weeks after being elected to represent Pembroke Dock’s Bufferland Ward.  Cllr Gannon stated in an interview that he had once adorned street walls, extending from London to Glasgow, during his 20-year career as a graffiti artist.

He even admitted that he may have once crossed paths with Banksy.

“What I can say is that I was a part of the graffiti street art scene before it became popular,” said Mr Gannon.

“I may have crossed paths with Banksy in the past, but I would not have known because no one knows who he, she or they are."

But as a result of his comments, people asumed that Gannon was indeed the iconic Banksy personified.

Five months later he published an 80-page book entitled I Am Not Banksy. And as the title suggests, the book was a strong denial of him being the one and only.

He also made badges saying ‘I am NOT Banksy’ and even released a YouTube video illustrating what he thought Banksy looked like, complete with long arms and a skateboard.

"I am not Banksy but the allegation led to me having to stand down as a town councillor,” he said.

"This is my account of the events before and after my resignation."

Mr Gannon said the book began as a scrapbook of screenshots and press cuttings that he had collected to try and make sense of everything that had happened.

"I hope it explains to everyone what I do not know and why I do not know it," he said.

"I want to get on with making community art that has nothing to do with Banksy."

Mr Gannon says he still struggles to understand what happened as it does not make any sense and says his evasive behaviour towards the incident fuels further speculation that he is in fact Banksy.