Friday marked a harrowing day for Rishi Sunak and his party members as they woke up to the news of the Tory party’s crashing and historic defeat at the Tamworth byelection.

But on Saturday morning Preseli Pembrokeshire Conservative MP Stephen Crabb brushed away the misery with a special visit to Redhill Prep School and Montessori Nursery in Haverfordwest where he was asked to officially open the school’s Hedgehog Hotel.

“Well, today has certainly been a first for me,” he said, after expertly cutting the ribbon with his scissors.

“But the children have worked hard making lovely homes for visiting hedgehogs and I enjoyed being there and hearing about all the learning they have done around these wonderful creatures.”

Stephen Crabb also spent some time with Year 3 pupils who showed their MP the work they have been undertaking in relation to trees and the important role they play in improving air quality and producing oxygen.