A meeting to explore ways of promoting and setting up new businesses in a Pembrokeshire town will take place next week.

Crymych Community Council recently discussed how best to promote the businesses in the ward and how to encourage new employment and new customers to the village and surrounding businesses.

The discussion also included how to attract more seasonal visitors to the area.

As a result of this it was decided to call a public meeting to examine the best way to coordinate the development and possibly set up a new Chamber of Commerce for the Crymych area.

The meeting will be held at the Market Hall in Crymych at 7pm on Monday, October 30, to see what appetite there is for developing a joint approach to marketing the Crymych area and the businesses within the ward.

"The members of the community council wished to see a coordinated approach to promoting our area in north Pembrokeshire and drawing in business people to further boost job opportunities and economic activities and growth in the area,” said chair of Crymych Community Council, Cris Tomos.

“The setting up of a chamber of trade type body would allow a regular forum for local businesses to exchange ideas and inform the local community council what the priorities are in terms of economic development in the area" It is hoped that there will be sufficient support to launch the initiative and have a regular calendar of business activities in the Crymych Area.