An open letter has been sent to all Pembrokeshire councillors by Haverfordwest’s mayor after what she says is a council refusal to allow free parking for those attending the town’s Remembrance service.

Mayor Jill Owens said: “It is now common knowledge that, on behalf of Pembrokeshire County Council, the officers have decided to refuse my request for the free use of the car park situated adjacent to County Hall, known to many as Cambria House car park, for this year’s Remembrance Sunday Service, on Sunday November 12.

“I have made numerous requests to both Mr Marc Owen, the public realm manager, appealed to Cllr Tom Tudor for his assistance and then with little option, the chief executive himself, Mr Will Bramble.

“I have to say at this juncture Cllr Tom Tudor has been most supportive and helpful.”

She says reasons for a free parking refusal given to her include a consistency in parking charges across the county, and the lack of time to make to make a variation on existing parking orders.

“You will be only too aware that Armistice Sunday is a national opportunity to remember the service and sacrifice of all those who have fought and defended our freedoms , in both the two World Wars and later conflicts and ,as a result, protected our way of life . Many Pembrokeshire people gave and continue to serve and pay the ultimate price with their lives.

“For decades Pembrokeshire people have gathered at the county war memorial to pay tribute to those brave men and women and, for that same amount of time, Haverfordwest Town Council in conjunction with the Royal British Legion have enjoyed use of the car park area, without restriction.

“On this particular Sunday there will be buses arriving with military personnel. There will be schoolchildren, veterans and elderly people, some of whom have mobility issues as well as a large contingent of the public.

“It is one day where people should have no restriction to attend and they should be able to park safely and close to the proceedings, without charge.

“I am not asking for the world. I am simply asking for Pembrokeshire Council to make one small appreciative gesture. The car park would not normally, on a Sunday, make a lot of revenue. On Remembrance Sunday it will be busy and as such, it appears an opportunity has clearly been seen to make revenue, the thought of which makes me furious and disgusted.”

Her letter implored councillors “to remind your officers that the monument in the centre of our county town carries the names of hundreds of people, from the length and breadth of Pembrokeshire, people who we will never be able to thank enough for what they did for us”.

Cllr Owens added: “Remembrance Sunday is an opportunity for us all to remember and thank those both past and present for their service.

“Officers of Pembrokeshire County Council please, please review your decision and make the right one to forego the revenue you will raise from car parking charges on this day.

“Work with Haverfordwest Town Council and the general public to demonstrate an understanding and empathy for the public you represent.

“Revoke charges for a few hours - why not county-wide - on the morning of Sunday, November 12.

“A few free hours. That’s all I and on behalf of my council and the public are asking you.”

Pembrokeshire County Council has been contacted for a response.