A SOLICITOR who practised in Pembrokeshire took on the Chaser in a bid to win enough to buy a vintage scooter.

Jamie Subbiani appeared as one of the contestants on ITV’s The Chase shown on Friday, October 27 - which was originally aired in 2021.

A solicitor for more than 25 years, Jamie is a familiar face in the courts in west Wales after previously working at Red Kite Solicitors in Pembrokeshire. He is now a senior crown prosecutor with the CPS.

He was first to face the cash builder round, and immediately won praise from host Bradley Walsh for his choice of shirt and “snazzy” shoes.

When asked what he would spend any winnings on, he replied: “I would like to buy a vintage Lambretta. A ‘60s vintage Lambretta.”

He put £4,000 on the table with four correct answers in the one minute opening round.

Jamie was hoping to bring a courtroom battle to the studio by facing barrister and Chaser Shaun Wallace – but it was Paul Sinha who emerged instead.

“That was an edgy, nervy but ultimately quite unlucky performance,” said The Sinnerman. “I think you’ll do better.”

Jamie was given a high offer of £26,000, and a low offer of £1,000.

“I’ve always said I was going to go high,” he said. ”But I’m here now, so I’m going to go with the four.”

He kept the Chaser at arm’s length throughout the round, answering four questions in a row correctly, before getting through at the second opportunity.

Three of the contestants made it to the final chase, playing for £75,000.

Jamie gave six correct answers as the team set the Chaser 18 to catch them.

Despite Jamie getting a push back after The Sinnerman got a question wrong on a Beatrix Potter character, the team were caught with 16 seconds to go.

“You started brilliantly and you finished very well, but there was a period just in the middle where you lost your way,” Mr Sinha told the contestants. “You’re a really good team. Well played.”

You can watch Jamie's episode here.