With the RAC saying yesterday that petrol should now cost around 145p a litre and diesel 156p a litre, we bring you the cheapest fuel prices from around Pembrokeshire.

The motoring organisation said that October brought to an end a four month run of rising fuel prices, with the average price of petrol falling by 2p a litre during the month.

The average price of a litre of unleaded fell 2.6p from 157.12p to 154.53p last month but the RAC’s monitoring of the wholesale market reveals that petrol remains seriously overpriced and should really be on sale for around 145p.

The RAC says that diesel, which came down by a penny to 161.4p in October, is also more expensive than it should be and ought to be selling for 156p a litre.

In Pembrokeshire this week there are only two garages selling below the RAC’s recommended rate for a litre of unleaded and only one garage selling below what the RAC says a litre of diesel should cost.

Here are the top ten cheapest places to fill up in Pembrokeshire, brought to you by John Durham of Pembrokeshire Petrol Price Watch.

Top Ten Petrol Standard Unleaded E10

No. 1 - 142.9p: Kiln Park, Tenby.

No. 2 - 144.9p: Begelly/Kilgetty.

No. 3 - 146.9p: FiveWays, Tenby; Robeston Wathen.

No. 4 - 147.7p: Victoria Garage, Milford.

No. 5 - 147.9p: Tesco, Milford Haven.

No. 6 - 148.9p: East Gate Narberth.

No. 7 - 150.9p: Llandewi Velfrey.

No. 8 - 152.9p: Tesco, Haverfordwest; Morrisons, Haverfordwest ; Pentlepoir Services; Crossways, Neyland ; Green Garage, Pembroke ; Tesco, Pembroke Dock ; Pelcomb.

No. 9 - 153.9p: Ocean Haze, St Davids.

No. 10 - 154.7p: Asda, Pembroke Dock.

Top Ten Standard Diesel B7

No. 1 - 155.9p: Lamphey; Kiln Park, Tenby.

No. 2 - 156.9p: Gernant Garage, Maenclochog; Tesco, Pembroke Dock ; Crossways, Neyland ; Green Garage, Pembroke ; Pelcomb ; Robeston Wathen.

No. 3 - 157.7p: Victoria Filling Station, Milford.

No. 4 - 157.9p: Begelly/Kilgetty; Tesco, Milford Haven; FiveWays, Tenby.

No. 5 - 158.7p Asda Pembroke Dock.

No. 6 - 158.9p: East Gate, Narberth.

No. 7 - 159.9p: Ocean Haze, St Davids .

No. 8 - 160.9p: Llandewi Velfrey; Tesco, Haverfordwest; Morrisons, Haverfordwest .

No. 9 - 161.9p: Llanteg .

No. 10 - 162.9p: Pentlepoir Services.