Four puppies, thought to be no more than a day old, have been found abandoned on a popular public footpath in Haverfordwest town centre.

The puppies were discovered by a dog walker on the Trim Trail behind Morrisons supermarket at around 3.30pm on Wednesday, November 8.

Even though each of the puppies were still alive and had each other to snuggle into, their body temperatures were dropping quickly, and it was obvious that they hadn’t been fed for some considerable time. Their umbilical cords were still visible.

“It’s extremely distressing to discover puppies as young as this being abandoned in this way,” said Mikey Lawlor of Greenacres Rescue.

“We’re finding young abandoned kittens on a regular basis but we haven’t come across any abandoned puppies such as these for several years.”

The puppies had been placed inside a cardboard box with just a scattering of bark chips and left abandoned at the side of the path.

“They had no blanket nor anything else to protect them from the temperatures which had dropped quite considerably on Wednesday,” continued Mikey.

The puppies - three boys and one girl - were taken to Fenton vets where they were hand fed and checked over before being transferred to Greenacres’ hand rearing foster carer.

“We’re praying that they make it, as the vet didn’t believe they were much more than a day old.

“We’re still unsure what breed they are and it’s going to be months before they’re ready to find homes. This means we’re unable to start discussing any home offers just yet.”

Three of the puppies are being given regular two-hourly feeds while the fourth is having to have one feed every hour.

If anyone has any information on who may have abandoned the puppies at the Trim Trail in Haverfordwest, or who may have information concerning the puppies’ parenting, they are asked to call the Greenacres Rescue on 07557 251669.

All information will be handled sensitively and confidentially.