An incident where a stranger in a van approached a young child after school was a 'misunderstanding' police have said.

Earlier this evening parents and children were warned to be on their guard after a young child was approached by a stranger after school.

The incident occurred near to Goodwick School in Stop and Call Goodwick and involved a young child walking home.

The incident was reported to Goodwick School, with headteacher Jonathon Jones, earlier this evening warning parents and carers to be on their guard.

“Following an incident after school tonight involving a stranger in a van, approaching one of our pupils, I would like to warn all parents within our community to be vigilant, and ensure their children are supervised or safe whilst out playing over the weekend,” said Mr Jones earlier.

However, he has since updated parents, saying that the incident was thought to be a misunderstanding.

"Following a police investigation, tonight's incident after school is considered a mis-understanding," he said.

"The driver has spoken with the police and I have been advised to inform you that the matter is now closed."