A PEMBROKESHIRE-BORN rhino has moved to a new home in the hopes of increasing the breeding of the endangered species.

Glyndwr the Eastern black rhino – which was named after Folly Farm founding director Glyndwr Williams – was born at Folly Farm in January 2020 to mum Dakima and dad Nkosi.

Glyn as he is affectionately known was the first rhino to ever be born in Wales, and his arrival helped to increase the population of the critically endangered species, making it a momentous event for all the staff.

He has been living in the zoo’s Kifaru Reserve habitat with his parents and ‘aunty’ Manyara but now, at almost four years old, he has been moved to Yorkshire’s Flamingo Land as part of the European Endangered Species Breeding Programme for his species which is being co-ordinated by Chester Zoo.

Western Telegraph: Glyn was the first rhino to be born in Wales when he arrived at Folly Farm in 2020.Glyn was the first rhino to be born in Wales when he arrived at Folly Farm in 2020. (Image: Folly Farm)

The move came as Folly Farm is part of the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EAZA) and the association makes breeding recommendations to ensure that zoos have the healthiest animals available in case a particular animal is at risk of becoming extinct in the wild.

Unfortunately for Glyn’s kin, this is a real possibility as there are less than 650 Eastern black rhinos left in the wild due to the poaching and killing of the magnificent animals for their horns.

After a lot of careful planning between the Folly Farm keepers and the team at Flamingo Land, Glyn was safely transported to his new home where he is now settling in.

The planning and preparation included weeks of preparation, with zookeepers carrying out regular crate training with Glyn to help ensure that he had to face as little stress as possible.

When it came to moving day, Glyn loaded himself into his crate and it all went as keepers had hoped, with Glyn remaining calm and happy throughout his long trip up north.

Ross Snipp, Flamingo Land’s company executive, said: “Glyn has settled in really well at Flamingo Land and we are excited to be continuing our valuable work with the EAZA Ex-situ Program (EEP).

Western Telegraph: Glyn is now settling into life at Flamingo LandGlyn is now settling into life at Flamingo Land (Image: Folly Farm)

“Over the coming months Glyn will meet our two-year-old male Jabali and we hope that they will bond and spend time together.

“When Glyn is old enough, he will become our new breeding male here, so that we can continue to contribute to this vital European population.”

Folly Farm staff say they will miss ‘this beautiful boy’ but are delighted that all went well and are happy that this move is another step towards conserving the endangered species.