A Dyfed-Powys Police administrative officer has been jailed after repeatedly spitting and hurling foul-mouthed abuse at a woman who was described to the court as ‘vulnerable’.

Distressing video footage shown to Haverfordwest magistrates showed Martin Lawrence, 48, of Military Road, Pennar, Pembroke Dock, standing in front of his victim and berate her with obscene language. He was seen spitting in her face and throwing a pair of crutches towards her.

“You’re disgusting,” the court heard him shout at the victim. “You can’t f****** walk…. you can’t f****** walk anywhere.”

He then smashed her iPhone and her works ID card.

Crown Prosecutor Sian Vaughan told magistrates that the incident took place on February 26, 2023, at the victim’s home.

“Police officers received a phone call from his partner saying she wanted to speak to a domestic abuse officer about Martin Lawrence’s behaviour,” she said.

“She was crying and was very upset. He had obviously targeted a vulnerable victim.”

Lawrence was legally represented in court by solicitor Jess Smith.

“On every occasion since I’ve been dealing with him since August he’s told me he’s embarrassed, ashamed and disappointed at his actions,” she said.

“This was extremely out of character.”

Ms Smith went on to say that Lawrence has been employed by Dyfed-Powys Police for the past 16 years, working in its administration department.

“He has since resigned,” she said. “What happened that day has had an impact on the victim but also on Lawrence. He said that if he can apologise to the victim again, he would.”

Ms Smith said that the defendant has also been seeking psychiatric support from MIND and is currently awaiting an autism assessment.

Lawrence pleaded guilty to assaulting his victim by beating and two additional charges of causing criminal damage to the victim’s iPhone and ID card.

“Your actions firmly cross the custody threshold,” commented district judge Mark Layton when passing sentence.

“The incident that was captured on film is evidence to me that you were abusive.

"You spat at her repeatedly despite her requests that you stop, and your behaviour was such that it would have impacted to a degree that’s very difficult to gauge.”

Lawrence was sentenced to eight weeks in custody.

He was ordered to pay £300 compensation to the victim, £85 court costs and a £154 surcharge.

He was also made subject of a two-year restraining order, which prevents him from having direct or indirect contact with the victim.