THE Ministry of Defence (MOD) has confirmed the dates that they are planning to carry out firing exercises in December.

The MOD has stated that firing will take place at Castlemartin and Manorbier ranges on the following dates:


Day firing: December 5.

Night firing: There will be no night firing at Castlemartin.


Day firing: There will be no day firing at Manorbier.

There will be no night firing at Manorbier.

The road from Bosherston to St Govan’s Chapel and the footpath from St Govan’s Head to Broadhaven will not be closed for the month of December. The Stack Rocks Road and footpath from Stack Rocks to St Govans will be closed on December 5.

If there are amendments to the firing programme, the closures will be amended.

If any object is found in the range, beach or sea, do not touch it. Red flags will be displayed – or red lights at night – when the range is active.

Unscheduled firing may take place without warning and the schedule may be changed due to unforeseen circumstances. To find out if there is firing taking place at Castlemartin, you can call 01646 662496 to find out.