A Pembrokeshire tourist honeypot with a unique industrial past will feature on a popular BBC programme tonight.

BBC Two’s Villages by the Sea will visit Porthgain this evening, Friday, November 24, where archaeologist Ben Robinson will unearth its unusual past.

In episode eight Ben visits Porthgain.

This small Pembrokeshire village was built for its industry, first a slate quarry, then a brickworks and finally exporting a granite like stone that helped to make our nation’s roads.

The heavy industrial infrastructure that remains in this tiny village is a sight to behold.

Porthgain’s prosperity rose and fell over the years and many of the houses were owned by the quarry companies who mined there, eventually the villagers took back control and bought the village.

Ben discovered the strength of a Porthgain brick and spoke about ghosts in the seaside cottages with one of the village’s locals.

“I think at Porthgain, the story about how the village was bought back by the locals when quarrying ceased again, well, its quite extraordinary,” Ben told the Western Telegraph.

“The villagers and the National Trust deciding that, no, this place wasn’t going to die, they were going to enable people to live there and enable it to function into the future.

“Just because that major industry had closed, that wasn’t the end of the Porthgain story, that wouldn’t be the end of the Porthgain story.

“That was extraordinary to me that the locals had got together and fought to save their village.”

The Porthgain episode of Villages by the Sea is airing BBC Two at 7pm this evening.

An earlier episode featuring Solva is available to view on BBC iPlayer.