A COMPULSIVE burglar stole cash, jewellery, an iPhone, an iPad, a PlayStation 5 and a dog lead in a series of burglaries across Pembrokeshire.

Norman Smith appeared at Swansea Crown Court on November 29 facing nine charges, including burglary, fraud and having a knife in public.

Smith, 45, of Stover Avenue in Sageston, was accused of three burglaries in Haverfordwest on October 18, as well as a further attempted burglary.

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It was alleged that he stole a purse, a wallet, £70 in cash, and an iPhone from an address on Prendergast, as well as a North Face jacket and a dog lead from another home on the street.

He was charged with attempted burglary at a third address on Prendergast.

Smith was also alleged to have stolen a PS5 with a controller and games, an HDMI cable, watches, an iPad and a pillow case from a home on Perrots Terrace that same day.

The defendant was also charged with two counts of fraud, relating to using two women’s bank cards without their consent to buy alcohol at Bargain Booze on October 8.

He also faced two charges of burglary in Pembroke Dock from October 9 and 10.

Smith was alleged to have stolen jewellery, a vase and £165 in cash from an address on Front Street, and the following day was said to have burgled a home on Imble Street.

He was also charged with having a utility knife in a public place on October 10.

Smith pleaded guilty to all charges.

Stuart John, defending, said: “He understands that given his antecedent record and the nature of these charges, he will face an immediate prison sentence – and it will be a long one.”

Mr John asked for Smith’s sentencing to be adjourned so a psychiatric report can be prepared.

“There seems to be an element of compulsiveness with this defendant,” he said, before adding that alcohol and drugs were “not an issue” with this defendant.

Judge Catherine Richards adjourned sentencing until January 10. She remanded Smith in to custody until that date.