THE latest episode of Louis Theroux’s new series has seen him sit down with Iraq War whistleblower Chelsea Manning.

Manning was jailed after leaking US military documents to the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks in 2010, before being released by President Barack Obama shortly before he left office in 2017.

The former US army intelligence analyst released the largest set of classified documents in American history, which included documents describing potential human rights abuse, the torture of prisoners, illegal state espionage by the US, and more.

Manning was arrested in 2010 and convicted three years later. She was sentenced to 35 years in prison before being released by President Obama.  

Chelsea, whose father is American, was born in Oklahoma but moved to Pembrokeshire just before she turned 14 following her parents' divorce and attended Tasker Milward School in Haverfordwest.

In the show, Louis Theroux travels between New York City and Madrid to spend time with the activist and data security expert.

“Branded a traitor by some and a hero by others, Chelsea reveals what drove her to risk everything to make the documents public, as well as the enormous impact it has had on her life since,” a BBC spokesperson said.

“Louis and Chelsea also discuss her experience of incarceration, her mental health challenges, and exploring her identity whilst growing up in rural Oklahoma during a difficult childhood.

“Louis also joins Chelsea at a women’s summit in Madrid, gaining an insight into what her life has been like since being released from military prison in 2017, a decision that has split opinion in the US.”

The programme is part of the six-episode second series of Louis Theroux Interviews, which also sees the award-winning journalist speak with two-time world heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua, actor and producer Ashley Walters, Hollywood icon Dame Joan Collins, artist and musician Pete Doherty, and singer-songwriter Raye.

Ahead of the series, Theroux said: “The six guests are all distinctive and brilliant in different ways, all of them people who have endured setbacks and huge successes, and who have something to share with the world based on their journeys through life.

“Like the first six Louis Theroux Interviews, each show mixes stylish master interviews with behind-the-scenes moments and actuality shot on location, so viewers have the double pleasure of a thoughtful in-depth conversation alongside a revealing look into the lives of the contributors:

“The tone of the shows is always open-minded and generous-hearted, while hopefully being funny, and always mindful of the need to keep viewers interested. I like them, and I'm notoriously hard to please.”

The show is available to watch on BBC iPlayer, or is being repeated at 1.40am next Thursday on BBC Two.