An award winning author, and Amazon bestseller, will be at a Pembrokeshire bookshop this week to sign copies of her new book.

Alais Winton will be signing her book, More Fun Games and Activities for Children with Dyslexia at Victoria Bookshop, Haverfordwest, on Saturday, December 16 at 11am.

This is Dyslexia tutor Alais’ fourth book. Alais herself struggled with learning throughout her childhood and teens before being diagnosed with dyslexia at university.

A former lecturer in performing arts and media at Pembrokeshire College, she went on to teach trainee teachers on the college’s PGCE course.

Her new book is an inventive and practical workbook is packed with tried-and-tested games and activities to help children aged seven to 13 who have dyslexia build skills in literacy and numeracy.

It is ideally suited to home-schooling, independent learning, or classroom or small group setting, and includes activities such as The Multiply Matrix Game, Drop the Ball and Number Tag.

The book is packed with cartoons, and there's a quiz at the start to help you discover your learning style.

The book helps learners discover the strategies and activities they enjoy the most, and that support them to learn most effectively.

With even more engaging activities and updated advice for parents and carers, the book is billed as an essential tool for making learning simple and enjoyable.

“These are strategies that I have picked up over the last 20 years,” said Alais. “Because I’m dyslexic myself, because I’m a teacher and because I love learning I have changed my strategies on how I deal with things like exams. It has really helped lower my stress levels.”

The book has already garnered a lot of praise from experts in the field.

Dr. Gavin Reid, Independent Psychologist and co-author of Practical Activities and Ideas for Parents of Dyslexic Kids and Teens calls it a ‘super activity book’ which is ‘ lively, entertaining and informative’ and ‘an invaluable source of support and encouragement for all with dyslexia’.

Samantha Pendrill-Smith, of the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Charity said it was ‘another super book’ with ‘really fun games, with clear instructions and templates provided that tap into areas of potential strength in a dyslexic learner's profile (visual, sound, movement) to make learning more memorable and personalised’.

Alais will be at Victoria Bookshop at 11am on Saturday, December 16 where she will be happy to sign copies of her book and discuss her strategies.