There’s something about the panto at the Swansea Grand- Oh yes there is.

From the moment you arrive at this year’s pantomime, Cinderella, you are greeted with a stunning set, comprised of arching clocktowers, and a giant glass slipper centre stage.

The panto bursts into life with a sparkling opening number full of colourful costumes and eye-catching choreography.

It’s not long before the audience are pulled into the fun, with the second song requiring participation from them.

By this time we have already heard from Samantha Thomas’ Cinderella, who had a super voice and a personality to match and met her fairy god parent (yes that’s right god parent) played with a touch of magic by Pejic.

Kev Johns playing Dame Penny Pockets brings a touch of risqué humour, pitched at just the right level, some outrageous costumes and a lot of local humour.

Cinderella’s sisters are wicked rather than ugly, hooray for that, and take the form of a pair of fickle, shallow, image obsessed social influencers who make TikToks at the ball both played brilliantly by Ella Biddlecombe and Sophie Sheridan.

Matt Edwards’ Buttons is camp and adorable, making jokes about how maybe this year he would get his girl, and was a firm favourite.

Western Telegraph: We wanted to take Matt Edwards' Buttons home!

The Prince and Dandini were played by AJ and Curtis Pritchard a duo, well known for their dancing prowess and more recently reality TV appearances.

The pair showed that they are more than just dancers, with some great singing and witty ad-libbing as well as a healthy dose of dance.

In one dance where a lift went slightly wrong, they danced until the end and joked their way off stage.

Cinderella’s transformation before the ball was breath-taking and original, I don’t want to give it away but it was an awesome spectacle. I also loved the giant pumpkin she arrived home in.

The panto is firmly rooted in Swansea with some great and original jokes about the city, its surroundings and of course the Swans.

Each section of the perfectly designed set has a screen incorporated into it and as the show progresses scene changes, and some cute effects, are projected onto the screens. We also loved the way that props and pieces of set magically move off stage.

Western Telegraph: Stefan Pejic as the magical fairy godparent.

Cinderella at the Swansea Grand has the fun and framework of a traditional panto with some pleasing modern touches. It kept two Tik Toc obsessed teens, a ten-year-old and myself totally entertained and immersed.

The humour hits just the right note, the set is stunning, there are some super chorus numbers- which sound great and are a visual treat- and the cast genuinely seem to be having the time of their lives.

Cinderella at the Swansea Grand Theatre will definitely add some sparkle to your festive season. It runs until January 7.