Anti-war demonstrators have targeted a local supermarket, protesting against the sale of Israeli goods and claiming that they are not being labelled properly.

Ceredigion Palestinian Solidarity Campaign (PCS) targeted the Aldi supermarket in Cardigan on the morning of Saturday, December 16.

Protestors removed avocados and dates from the shelves. They said that the products did not show the country of origin, which fails UK food labelling laws.

The protestors claimed that this was probably a deliberate action by Aldi as they said the produce came from Israel.

They said that they have reported this to Ceredigion Trading Standards officers.

The protestors then piled the produce up at the tills together with a sign saying ‘Israeli Criminal Goods’.

Adam York of Ceredigion PCS said that the store manager was not able to help regarding the lack of country-of-origin signs and threatened to call the police if the demonstrators did not leave.

Aldi has confirmed that all fresh avocados are labelled with a country of origin in line with UK food labelling law. However, as the dates are processed in the UK it said that there was no requirement to specify the country of origin.

The supermarket giant added that it had not recently changed the labelling or packaging on either dates or avocados. 

“While large numbers of Palestinian civilians are being massacred it seems reasonable to ask Aldi stores to show products from Israel clearly labelled,” said Mr York.

“We will be returning for our own enforcement action if this is not resolved.”

He added that protests to remind the public of the death toll in Gaza will continue in Lampeter, Aberystwyth and Cardigan on multiple days this week.

An Aldi spokesperson said: "Our products meet the relevant regulations on labelling and carry details of the country of origin where appropriate.

“This helps customers to make informed decisions about the products they buy."