A Pembrokeshire dairy is apologising to customers who say that milk that they have bought which is still in date has a sour taste to it.

Totally Welsh Dairy which is based in Haverfordwest has asked any customers experiencing an off, sour or taint to their semi-skimmed milk to contact them.

The company says that the use by dates of the spoiled tasting milk range between December 27 and January 5.

The announcement comes after several customers took to social media to say that they had bought milk which had gone off well within its use by date.

The company said that it will replace milk for customers experiencing the problem.

Totally Welsh is a Haverfordwest dairy that currently employs around 110 people across three sites and has become a household name for quality locally sourced Welsh milk and other dairy products.

As well as supplying supermarkets, hospitals, schools and independent retailers, Totally Welsh delivers bottled milk to more than 7,000 doorstep customers.

Although primarily supplying people and businesses in Wales, it also delivers three times a week into England, with delivery vehicles reaching as far as Southampton.

A Totally Welsh spokesperson said: “We understand that our customers are experiencing an off/taint/sour quality concern with our semi skimmed milk.

“We request that if any of our customers experience quality concerns with Totally Welsh Semi Skimmed Milk then please contact customerservices@totallywelsh.co.uk and we will arrange a replacement.

“To ensure we capture any possible quality concerns for our customers the use by dates are: 27th December - 5th January.

“We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.”