An exhibition on the wreck of the Ragna, a Norwegian barque which foundered on rocks off Trefin on December 28, 1900, will open at Fishguard’s Theatr Gwaun on Friday, January 19.

The exhibition by Pembrokeshire-based artist Warren Heaton is described as ‘a magnificent representation of the 1900 storm leading to the shipwreck of the Ragna off the coast of Aberfelin in Trefin through the medium of paintings, story boards and audio’.

The Ragna, carrying a crew of 12, had left Cardiff on Monday, December 24 bound for Brazil with a cargo of coal under the command of Captain Zopfi.

The weather worsened overnight and by Christmas Day was blowing a hurricane. Following a prolonged battle with the elements the ship’s master took the decision to beach the vessel just below Trefin.

Due to the bravery of the curate of Trefin, the Rev E Jones, who saved a number of sailors by wading out into the surf, and the women of the village who formed a human chain, all but three of the Ragna’s crew were saved.

A press report of the time stated said that: “Every inhabitant of Trefin did his or her best to rescue, entertain and attend to the wants of the shipwrecked men”.

A memorial in Llanrhian churchyard marks the resting place of the three Norwegian sailors who died in the wreck.