An era has ended for a long-established care home in Pembrokeshire after its owner took the decision to sell the property.

Cristina Bila - the proud owner of Avon Care Homes and Williamston Nursing Home for the past 28 years – has sold the home to pursue other interests in the south west of England.

Under Cristina's dedicated leadership, Williamston Nursing Home at Houghton, near Burton, has evolved into a prestigious nursing and residential home, earning its place among the top 20 care homes in Wales.

The accomplishment reflects not only Cristina's entrepreneurial acumen but also her unwavering commitment to providing the highest standard of care for the residents.

Over the years, Cristina has worked tirelessly to build a compassionate and thriving community within the walls of Williamston Nursing Home.

The home's ranking among the top care homes in Wales is a testament to her efforts and the exceptional care provided to the elderly residents.

Cristina, who will continue as owner of Avon Care Homes, has sold Williamston to Windsor-based Oakwood Care, with the sale being completed on Wednesday January 17.

“It has been a smooth take-over, and I send my best wishes to the new owner” she said. “The home’s 32 clients are in good hands and all the amazing staff – some of whom have been with me for 25 years or more – will remain.”

She thanked the manager, staff and residents who have been an integral part of the Williamston family, and emphasised that even with the change in ownership, the commitment to maintaining the highest standard of care for the residents would continue.

Many of the staff and residents expressed appreciation for Cristina's years of service and leadership, while also looking toward the future with optimism for the continued excellence in care.

A staff spokesperson said: “The home extends its thanks to Cristina for her dedication and commitment to making Williamston Nursing Home a beacon of quality care.

“The hope is that the legacy of compassionate service she cultivated will endure, ensuring that the residents will continue to be looked after with the highest standard of care for years to come.”