A Pembrokeshire port will be without a ferry until early next week, due to an ‘unforeseen mechanical issue’.

The Stena Nordica has been absent from Fishguard Harbour since early January. However issues with a relief vessel have left the port without a ferry covering the Fishguard to Rosslare run.

Stena Line has confirmed that the Nordica cannot berth at Fishguard at the moment due to maintenance work at the harbour.

There is only one ferry that would be able to use the port in its current configuration, the Stena Europe, however the Europe is undergoing mechanical issues which means that she cannot be used on the route.

The Nordica in the meantime has been put on the Dublin to Holyhead route.

“Stena Line is currently undertaking necessary maintenance works on the marine infrastructure at Fishguard Port,” said the spokesperson.

“Stena Nordica cannot berth in the port with the current configuration until this maintenance has been completed. The vessel has been covering our Dublin – Holyhead route since January 7.”

The spokesperson said that it was hoped that the issue would be resolved by early next week.

“Due to unforeseen mechanical issues with the scheduled relief ship, Stena Line’s service on the Rosslare-Fishguard route has been suspended,” said the spokesperson.

“We are working to fix the mechanical issues with our relief ship, Stena Europe, which is the currently the only ship in our Irish Sea fleet that can berth in the port without this infrastructure in place.

“At this point, it is anticipated that the service will recommence on January 29.

“Stena Line would like to apologise unreservedly to customers for any inconvenience caused by this unfortunate situation.

Stena said that customers affected by the cancellations have been contacted. They are advised to amend their booking to an alternative route via the website www.stenaline.co.uk or to contact Stena’s customer care team on +44 3447 707070 (09:00hrs - 22:00hrs) to discuss their travel options.