How do you fancy learning to make pizza with one of the best pizza chefs in the world?

Giovanni Recchia won at the Pizza World Championships, in Rimini, Italy at the beginning of last year.

During the three-day event he competed against hundreds of other pizza makers and was crowned the best in the world in his category.

Giovanni was given a mystery box full of surprise ingredients, with it he had to use some or all of them to make a Classica or Napoletana pizza using any dough he liked.

The judges were so impressed by both the taste and appearance of Giovanni’s creation, which used asparagus as a base with mushrooms and Campania cheese on top, oil, parmesan and basil, that they awarded him the top prize and he is now officially one of the best pizza makers of the world.

Last November Giovanni had another competition success when he made it to the final three of the Master Pizza Champion in Italy.

In the same month he opened his own pizza restaurant, Gio Recchia Pizza Contemporania, on Westgate Hill, Pembroke serving his speciality pizza as well as homemade starters and desserts.

The new restaurant offers four different types of pizza: pizza on the paddle, a rectangular pizza with a good crunch, a round pizza which has a good crunch on the outside and is soft on the inside; contemporary Neapolitan pizza, and gluten free pizza.

This Sunday, January 28, Giovanni is offering a four-hour pizza making course where participants will learn about different types of flour, making the dough by hand and cooking it in a home oven.

The course will be held at the restaurant and participants will be invited to eat their pizza at the restaurant with complimentary glass of Prosecco.

The customer will make the whole pizza themselves, with Giovanni explaining everything step by step. The goal is to get the customer to be able to make the pizza at home, so the dough will be by hand and the pizza will be cooked in a table top electric oven.

There will be a certificate of attendance for each person who attends.

For more information, phone ring 01646 683555.