An enterprising Pembrokeshire lad has raised more than £100 to help his local scout group.

Jack Annis, 10, started with the Sea Scout group in Goodwick when he was six as a member of Beavers, aged eight he went onto become a cub before joining scouts when he turned 10.

Jack noticed that some of the equipment the group used was getting old and worn. He decided that he wanted to give back to the group that he has enjoyed going to for so many years.

Jack organised a games stall at Fishguard Carnival, which he also ran at other local events, along with a raffle.

He raised just over £100 and has used it to buy new equipment including a set of dodge balls which he presented recently.

Jack says that he hasn't stopped and will continue to raise funds for the group to help pay for repairs needed to the scout hall.

“We are very proud that Jack thought of others and planned and ran his fund raising,” said proud parents Michael and Becky.

Goodwick Sea Scout’s Beavers group meets at the scout hall at 5pm on a Tuesday, Cubs at 6pm on a Thursday and Scouts at 6.30pm on a Tuesday.

Anyone interested in joining can use the contact form on the above link to find out more.