A brand-new exhibit at Folly Farm explores some of the world's most exotic species.

Venoms Vs Poisons looks at the differences between poisonous and venomous animals and how these creatures are - in fact - vital for our survival.

Folly Farm is home to creatures great and small – from the critically-endangered eastern black rhino, to vulnerable species such as Humboldt penguins and African lions and farmyard favourites such as donkeys, pigs and goats.

Fearsome creatures

But some of their more tropical inhabitants have a more fearsome reputation, and are the main focus for this latest investment at Folly Farm which was developed by the zoo team over the winter period.

Western Telegraph: Take a peek into the natural environment of the venomous beasts.Take a peek into the natural environment of the venomous beasts. (Image: Drew Buckley Photography)

Guests can find out which creatures are the most toxic in the world, as well as see gila monsters, poison dart frogs, snakes, tarantulas and scorpions and discover how dangerous these animals actually are in the wild.

Explore the myths

And although the toxins from these creatures can indeed pack a punch, the zoo explores some of the myths surrounding their deadly reputation and how they can also be beneficial by helping to find treatments and cures for a number of different medical conditions.

Western Telegraph: Step inside to meet the inhabitants and debunk some of their myths.Step inside to meet the inhabitants and debunk some of their myths. (Image: Drew Buckley Photography)

Zookeeper Kim Cartwright said: “We’re so excited to showcase some of the more unusual creatures at Folly Farm and for guests to discover the exciting world of toxins.

Superhero theming

"We’re always looking at ways to improve the guest experience and introduce something new and we think guests are going to love the colourful new development and superhero theming whilst learning about venoms and poisons.

"Folly Farm are also highlighting West Wales manufacturer MicroPharm in this new zoo development. This local company, based in Newcastle Emlyn, produces different anti venom products, to treat acute or life-threatening emergencies around the world caused by snakes such as adders, carpet vipers, black mambas and lots more.

Venoms Vs Poisons is now open, with Folly Farm re-opening daily for its main season from Saturday February 10.