A PEMBROKESHIRE gallery and coffee shop will be offering community meal evenings.

Pembroke’s West Gate Gallery and Coffee Shop is launching community meal evenings to allow anyone to join together and share a meal for free.

The first evening was held on Monday, February 5, and there was a guest speaker. The second event on Monday, February 19, will also have a guest speaker who runs their own community food project. The talk will see the guest share their experiences to help provide ideas and support for how to bring the same experience to West Gate.

Western Telegraph: One of the meals.One of the meals. (Image: West Gate Gallery and Coffee Shop)

The community meals are part of the CIC activities and will bring art and food together as there will be a creative activity hosted by a local artist, with the aim to help promote wellbeing.

The next evenings are to be held at West Gate Gallery and Coffee Shop opposite Pembroke Castle (1 Westgate Hill) on Monday, February 19 and Monday, March 4, both between 5pm and 7.30pm.

The events are free to join but registration is required, either at https://bit.ly/westgatetickets or by emailing westgatecicfood@outlook.com.