A MAN took a kitchen knife to a police station in a “cry for help”, Swansea Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor Harry Dickens told the court that two officers returned to Haverfordwest Police Station at around 5.08am on January 14.

As they got out of their police vehicle, the spotted Daniel Tyler walking towards them.

Mr Dickens said Tyler told the officers: “I’m not doing good. I’m feeling like I want to kill myself”.

The defendant reached inside his jacket, but was stopped by one of the officers. When asked what he was reaching for, he told the officers he had a knife.

The officers found a silver kitchen knife – around 20cm in length – in Tyler’s jacket.

The defendant was arrested, and admitted possession of a knife in a public place.

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In interview, he told the police that he had been out drinking the night before. He had gone home alone, drunk a beer, and began having negative thoughts before then “experiencing a medical episode” which he believed lasted for around half an hour.

He then grabbed the knife from the kitchen and walked to the police station.

“He explained his actions were a cry for help,” Mr Dickens said.

“He said he had no intention to harm himself or anyone else.”

Tyler, 33, of Dew Street in Haverfordwest, has four previous convictions for eight offences.

The court heard that he was subject to suspended sentence at the time of the offence – having been sentenced to 12 months, suspended for two years, in January 2023 at Swansea Crown Court after admitting four charges of attempting to sexually communicate with a child.

After the prosecution outlined the facts of the case, Judge Paul Thomas KC set out the proposed sentence that he was considering.

“This is an unusual case,” he said.

“Your possession of that knife only had one possible victim, and that was yourself.”

He asked defence counsel Hannah George if she had any objections to the proposed sentence, which she did not.

Judge Thomas said that because it was accepted that Tyler had no intent of using the knife on anyone other than perhaps himself, it was not necessary to activate his suspended sentence.

Addressing the defendant, he said: “You seem to be determined to end up in prison, one way or another, because you keep breaching that suspended sentence.

“You will not be getting any further chances. If your behaviour continues, if you do not take advantage of the rehabilitation days, you will find yourself in prison.

“I know that because I will be the one that sends you to prison.”

He sentenced Tyler to four months, suspended for 18 months, for possession of a knife in a public place. As part of this, he must complete 150 hours of unpaid work and 20 rehabilitation activity requirement days.

Tyler must also serve an additional 20 days of rehabilitation activity requirement for breaching his suspended sentence.