The last spring roll has been served at a popular Chinese takeaway in Pembrokeshire which has closed after over 30 years in business.

Husband and wife Loc Tran and Them Thi Nguyen have decided reluctantly to retire from the Star of Saigon in the village of Kilgetty.

A cruise and a visit to their Vietnamese family - who they have not seen for over 20 years – is on the retirement agenda for the hard-working Mr and Mrs Tran, who came to Pembrokeshire in the late 1970s.

Western Telegraph: The Star of Saigon team - Anna, Them and Loc.The Star of Saigon team - Anna, Them and Loc. (Image: Star of Saigon)

Emotional time

Sunday was the final day for the Star of Saigon, and an emotional time for Loc, 75, Them, 73 and one of their daughters, Anna Tran-Jesson, who manages the takeaway, as they were showered with cards, gifts and good wishes from loyal customers.

In a message on Facebook, Anna said: “Myself, mum and dad can’t thank you enough for all your loyal custom the past 33 years.

“You’ve all been part of this amazing chapter of our family story.

“Much love to you all."

Customers wished Mr and Mrs Tran a happy and well-deserved retirement, but said they were "gutted" and "devastated" at the loss of their favourite takeaway.

Western Telegraph: The closure of the Star of Saigon is 'a loss to Kilgetty' , said one regular customer.The closure of the Star of Saigon is 'a loss to Kilgetty' , said one regular customer. (Image: Google Street View)

"Never a bad meal"

"The best Chinese ever", "never a bad meal" and "big loss to Kilgetty" were amongst many comments.

Announcing the Star of Saigon’s closure on Facebook earlier this month, Anna explained: “We as a family have decided to hang our chef hats up and say goodbye to the Star of Saigon after 33 years of a busy, well-established and much loved little Chinese takeaway.

“Mum and Dad would have loved to carry on for a couple more years, but with young minds come with old aching bodies.

"Time to retire"

“So it’s time for them to retire at the age of 75 (ish) and to now relax and enjoy their retirement with family and many well-deserved holidays.

“A cruise and returning home to Vietnam to visit their family who they haven’t seen in 20 years is just a start of their retirement journey.

“Mum and Dad have worked so, so hard to provide for myself and my siblings to give us the most we could possibly want or need in life to date. We can’t thank them enough for all they have done for us.”

Western Telegraph: Customers are going to miss their tasty Star of Saigon treats.Customers are going to miss their tasty Star of Saigon treats. (Image: Star of Saigon)

The premises on Carmarthen Road will now be leased out and Anna thanked all the Star of Saigon’s previous staff and particularly its customers, some of whom had been on board for the past 33 years.

She added: “Your loyalty and trust in the Star of Saigon has been a huge factor in the success and I am forever grateful for it. As are mum and dad.”