A MAN sexually assaulted two teenage girls in Pembrokeshire under the guise of giving them massages, a court has heard.

Kevin Offland is accused of three charges of rape, rape of a child, causing a child to engage in sexual activity, and 13 offences of sexual activity with a child.

The alleged offences were said to have taken place in the Pembrokeshire and Shrewsbury areas over a 24-year period.

Offland, 45, of Nichols Road in Great Yarmouth, denies all charges.

The court heard from one complainant, who Offland is alleged to have sexually assaulted on multiple occasions in Pembrokeshire when she was 14 and 15.

The complainant told the jury that Offland would rub her vagina “pretty much every time” he gave her a massage, and had rubbed her breasts on multiple occasions.

The complainant said the massages began to help with her knees and to prevent any injury while training in order to join the army.

“I put to you there was nothing sexual taking place,” said Nicola Powell, defending.

“There was something sexual going on,” the complainant replied. “The injury was to my knee and he was rubbing my breasts.”

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She said she was made aware of sexual allegations made against Offland in February 2019, but initially said that she had never seen the defendant “act in any inappropriate way or sexual way”.

“I wanted to get in to the army. I didn’t want anything to do with it,” she said.

She said that she had been told he was accused of rape, but as he had not raped her, she “tried to push [the alleged abuse] to the back of [her] mind”.

Offland has been charged with causing the complainant to engage in sexual activity when she was 14 years old – relating to allegedly making her carry out a sex act on him.

She told the court that she did not report this after hearing of the allegations of rape against him.

“We’d been told he’d raped someone. With me it was a jokey casual sort of thing,” she said.

When asked what she meant by that, she said: “It wasn’t like ‘Do this or I’ll hurt you’.”

The police were informed of the complainant’s allegations against Offland in August 2021.

The jury were also played a police interview of a second complainant who also alleged that Offland sexually assaulted her on multiple occasions when she was aged 14 and 15.

The complainant told officers that Offland had touched her bum, vagina, pubic area and breasts while massaging her.

She alleged that the defendant made sexual comments about her, would ask her sexual questions about herself, would boast about his sexual exploits, and would talk about prostitution and selling images online – although she added that he never took any pictures of her.

“He would always be like ‘you feel comfortable around me’. You know when somebody is trying to make you agree with them,” she said.

“I just didn’t feel comfortable.”

“Did you ever ask him to stop?,” the officer asked.

“No, because he’d get angry,” the complainant replied.

She told the police that Offland also touched her breasts and vagina when applying fake tan on her – again on multiple occasions.

The trial continues.