THE LIFEBOAT crews at Angle RNLI were called out to help police with two incidents this week.

The crew were called at around 6.55pm on Tuesday, February 20 to help respond to reports of a "despondent person" near the water at Milford Haven.

The all-weather lifeboat launched shortly after and headed towards Milford Haven, searching the area around Scotch Bay to the east. The crew used their Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) camera, image intensifiers and search lights to aid in the search.

Minutes into the search, it was confirmed that the person was now safely in the care of the police, so the crew were stood down and was back on her mooring and prepared for further service by 8pm.

At just before 8pm on Thursday, February 15 – while at sea on an exercise – Angle RNLI were diverted to help police with another incident in the Milford Haven area.

The all-weather lifeboat was on the scene in 10 minutes, and the crew used the FLIR camera, image intensifiers and search lights to help with the search in the heavy fog.

Nothing was found, and the lifeboat crew were asked by the coastguard to conduct a parallel track search.

However, just as the crew were about to set off on the first leg of the search, an update came through that the incident had been concluded safely by the police.

Angle’s crew were stood down, and the boat returned to the station and was readied for further service by 9.30pm.