A PERSON has been taken to hospital after a lifeboat crew were called to carry out a medical evacuation from a crude oil tanker.

Angle RNLI were called at 7.59pm on Saturday, February 24 to assist in the medical evacuation of a person onboard a crude oil ship berthing alongside the Valero Pembrokeshire Oil Terminal.

The all-weather lifeboat was launched, and the crew arrived on the scene and needed to wait for the vessel to be securely moored and for the tugs to depart.

Three casualty care crew members boarded the ship from the lifeboat, and administered pain relief to the patient.

The patient was assessed, and pain relief continued to be administered until they were comfortable enough to be moved. The crew then escorted the patient back to the lifeboat. 

The lifeboat crew headed back to the Port Authority Jetty where Dale Coastguard Rescue Team helped  with transferring the person back ashore.

Once ashore, the casualty took a taxi to Withybush Hospital.

The Angle RNLI crew was stood down and returned to the station. The lifeboat was readied for further service by 11pm.