PEMBROKESHIRE’S Joel Makin has detailed his incredible fitness regime as he aims for glory in 2024.

The Welsh number one, from Haverfordwest, joined the Professional Squash Association (PSA) World Tour in 2013 and claimed his first title two years later.

He’s won five professional titles and also represented Wales at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham in 2022 – winning a silver medal.

Makin has risen in to the world’s top 10 off the back of a style of play that sees him push the limits of physical endurance.

Western Telegraph: Joel Makin won a silver medal at the 2022 Commonwealth Games.Joel Makin won a silver medal at the 2022 Commonwealth Games. (Image: PSA)

Based on an average match time of 60 minutes, Makin spends around 80 per cent of the match exceeding his ‘red zone’ target heart rate of 175bpm and burns about 1,000 calories during that time.

Makin’s ability to outlast his fellow PSA World Tour athletes comes from the gruelling fitness regime he puts himself through between events.

A typical fitness session for the 29-year-old involves 10 sets of 1km intervals run at 20kph (12.5mph), combined with 4-5 reps of lunges carrying weights up to 180kg, together with pressure sessions on court.

Western Telegraph: Joel Makin looks to outlast his fellow athletes on the court thanks to his gruelling fitness regime.Joel Makin looks to outlast his fellow athletes on the court thanks to his gruelling fitness regime. (Image: PSA)

An average day for Makin is:

9am: One hour solo practice, sharpening and refining shots

10.30am: Strength and conditioning session, including:

  • Three position clamshell;
  • Straight leg hip adduction;
  • Hip internal rotation with bands;
  • Supine hip flexion with band;
  • Pogos;
  • Bodyweight countermovement jump;
  • High hurdles;
  • Continuous squat jumps;
  • Single leg bench squat;
  • Bird Dog row;
  • Cable Rear Dealt Flys

2pm: Squash training

  • One match best of five with a top 50 player
  • Three games to 11, each immediately followed by ghosting into twelve corners of the court

4pm: Boxing training

Western Telegraph: Joel Makin has detailed his gruelling training programme.Joel Makin has detailed his gruelling training programme. (Image: PSA)

According to a study conducted by Nutracheck, squash burns more calories per hour than any other racket sport, with the average person burning 797 calories, compared to 507 in tennis, 493 in padel and 435 in badminton.

Away from the gym, Makin said he is meticulous when it comes to his mental preparation, and also took up boxing during the Covid-19 pandemic, which he said has given him a different mindset and benefits him on the squash court.

Mark Burns, Makin’s strength and conditioning coach at the University of Birmingham, said: “In terms of fitness, squash is so multifactorial, with so many qualities needed at once.

“People don’t really understand that these [squash] players are sitting at max heart rate for like 45 minutes plus. You don’t really see this in any other sport.

“When it comes to the single leg squat, Joel is seriously strong, probably the strongest athlete we’ve ever had by miles in here.”