Two new electric vehicle (EV) chargers have been added to the growing Osprey Charging Network in Pembrokeshire.

The leading UK company has installed the high-powered points at Y Cerrig Glas, Pembroke, providing support for EV drivers in the local community and beyond.

The 60kW rapid chargers are interchangeable with all current EV models, capable of extending vehicle range by 100 miles with around 35 minutes of charging, depending on the model of vehicle and the battery.

They provide a convenient refuelling stop for EV users, with contactless payment options including bank cards, digital wallets, and the Osprey App.

Osprey Charging’s CEO, Ian Johnston, said: "The electric transition is well underway and we’re here to provide a reliable and rapid public charging service for drivers, from Cornwall to the Scottish Highlands.

"Osprey now has over 1,000 charge points installed across the UK, each carefully designed to maximise space, accessibility and availability and made to the latest and highest standards.

"The charging site at Y Cerrig Glas will form a vital part of the re-charging network that will enable the decarbonisation of transport in the UK."

Increasing availability of EV charging facilities like these could drive EV adoption, improving air quality and noise pollution levels.

All chargers run on renewable energy and benefit both landlords of sites, such as local business Marston's Brewery Group, and the vehicle users.

These latest additions to the network serve to future-proof Pembroke’s infrastructure whilst supporting nationwide efforts for cleaner, greener transport.