A FORMER army reservist described an unprovoked attack in the toilets of a Swansea bar which left her with severe injuries to her face and chest as “a scene from a horror movie”.

Natalie Arthurs spent three days in hospital after she was attacked by Emily Williams with a glass in the toilets of Peppermint on Swansea’s Wind Street on November 21, 2022.  

Following a trial, Williams was found guilty of wounding with intent on February 9.

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Swansea Crown Court heard that Ms Arthurs and her attacker were both out separately in Swansea on Beaujolais Day.

“There came a time where, on your account, you went to seek an oral confrontation over your sister’s spilt drink,” Judge Huw Rees said, summing up the evidence heard during the trial.

The court heard that Williams, then 24, went in to the toilets, where Ms Arthurs and her friend were.

Judge Rees said that Williams became “increasingly more angry” and smashed the glass tumbler she was holding on the sink before attacking Ms Arthurs.

The court heard that Ms Arthurs was left with a 15cm wound which ran along the left side of her chest and shoulder, as well as a 7cm wound to her cheek, a wound to her nose and wounds to her neck.

Ms Arthurs’ friend later described the defendant as being intoxicated and looking “angry or possessed” when she entered the toilets.

“The defendant denied on her arrest and in a prepared statement that she had used a glass to cause these injuries,” prosecutor Alycia Carpanini said.

“As the pre-sentence report makes clear, she had no response as to how the injuries were caused.”

Western Telegraph: Natalie Arthurs prior to the attack in Swansea.Natalie Arthurs prior to the attack in Swansea. (Image: Supplied)

In a statement read out in court by Ms Carpanini, the victim said that the incident had changed her life forever.

“The memory of the assault is etched vividly on my mind,” she said.

“It was a scene from a horror movie.

“All I could think about is how scared my little girl would be.

“I spent three agonising days in hospital. The pain was unbearable.

“Every aspect of my life became demoralising and unbearable.

“15 months on from the attack, I am still learning to live with what happened.”

Ms Arthurs was an army reservist, but has since left due to her injuries.  

“She didn’t feel it was right to wear the uniform because of her scar,” Judge Rees said. “She felt ashamed because she wasn’t a war hero and she didn’t want people to think she got her scar in that way.

“She is clearly a woman of admirable character.”

Jon Tarrant, in mitigation, said Williams did not have any relevant or recent previous convictions.

He said her actions at the time were “impulsive”, and told the court that she was the carer for her two young children.

Western Telegraph: Emily Williams has been jailed for an attack on a stranger at a bar in Swansea.Emily Williams has been jailed for an attack on a stranger at a bar in Swansea. (Image: South Wales Police)

Addressing Williams, Judge Rees said: “What you did to someone who was a complete stranger and someone you had no prior argument with was wicked. Wicked beyond belief.

“The effect of what you have done is plain for all to see.”

The judge described Williams’ account she gave to the police and to the jury as “complete fabrication”.

Williams, 25, of Lady Street in Kidwelly, was sentenced to five years in prison, and her victim was granted a 10-year restraining order against her.