A Pembrokeshire hospice’s therapy suite has been given a colourful uplift with art from a local artist.

The Paul Sartori Foundation is now home to three of Rosemary Graham's pieces, which bring a sense of peace and playfulness to the atmosphere of the Complementary Therapy Suite.

This is not the first-time Ms Graham's work has made its way into the Foundation's quarters; two previous pieces were bought in 2017 using grant funding to enhance the home of the charity in Winch Lane.

Complementary therapy team co-ordinator Heather Green said: "Rosemary’s work just fits the ambiance of the Therapy Suite, and her art holds a sense of peace and playfulness that helps people to relax when they’re here receiving treatment with our team."

Ms Graham's connection to the world of complementary therapy stems from her personal battle with M.E, which saw her turn to therapies like reiki during a 10-year healing journey.

The suite offers treatments to patients with life-limiting conditions along with their carers.

Services range from massage and aromatherapy to reflexology and reiki, geared towards mitigating symptoms such as anxiety, depression, muscular tension and breathlessness.

The charity's aim is to provide effective treatments to support patients' mental and physical wellbeing.

Clients are seen either in their homes or at the Paul Sartori House Therapy Suite, the walls of which will now carry the calming aura of Graham's artistry.

For more information on the Complementary Therapy programme or to arrange a telephone consultation, the advice line is 07917 074300 and available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.