An expanded therapy centre has been unveiled in Pembrokeshire, offering more support to individuals with learning, behavioural or emotional difficulties.

The centre's improvements will aid in providing crucial life skills such as feeding, speech, communication, self-help, and toilet training.

Skybound Therapies' therapy centre is located at its Wiston headquarters, near Haverfordwest. Skybound Therapies was founded in 2012, and is the brainchild of Risca Solomon.

Ms Solomon's journey began with finding ways to help her foster brother, Dan, who has autism.

This journey that she chronicles on YouTube, led her to Behavioural Analysis, and thus, her vocation as a behaviour analyst.

The therapy centre hosts an intensive service for families visiting from all parts of the globe.

As of now, the centre employs 44 individuals delivering support across the UK and internationally.

Faced with tremendous demand, Ms Solomon decided to overhaul and expand the centre.

The upgraded facility now has enough space for two therapy sessions to take place at once.

The improved site includes three bathrooms designed for teaching toilet behaviours, a wider range of tools and facilities to promote functional living skills, more rooms for therapy, and private areas where families can rest as their loved ones undergo therapy.

Commenting on the development, Skybound Therapies founder Risca Solomon said: "We're delighted to have finally opened our new, expanded and upgraded therapy centre which will help us to meet the high level of demand for these services."

She further elaborated on her vision to make the centre a hub for excellence, using compassionate interdisciplinary therapy techniques to help their clients and families live more fulfilled lives.