One of the UK’s leading organic brands, west Wales-based Calon Wen, will soon be celebrating 25 years in business and is looking to secure more organic milk supply for the future.

Chairman Richard Tomlinson of Rossett Park Farming, north Wales, believes it is an ideal time for dairy farmers to make the switch.

“With the blanket introduction of strict NVZ regulations to cover all of Wales, family dairy farms have been left with three or four options," he said.

"One, invest in increased slurry storage capacity and possibly extra land to comply with the NVZ regulations.

"Two, reduce stock numbers and ride the rollercoaster of conventional milk pricing.

"Three, convert to organic. In many cases the reduction in stocking rate may negate the need for extra slurry storage and enable the business to comply with the 170kg/ha nitrogen limit whilst also earning a more stable milk price for the future.

"The fourth option is to sell up, get out of dairying, plant trees, and live happily ever after!"

Dai Miles, Managing Director and an organic dairy farmer himself, is currently drawing up a package to assist dairy farmers to convert which will include financial assistance during the conversion period.

In 2000 he and four other organic dairy farmers founded the highly successful co-operative.

"Calon Wen are very confident in the future of organic dairy farming and consumer demand for organic dairy products," he said.

"Calon Wen, although a predominantly Welsh-focused business, does recruit members on the English border as well as supplying processors and retailers both in England and Wales.

"Our target areas are west Wales – Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire, west Carmarthenshire and north Wales from Denbigh, Flintshire, and north Montgomeryshire. However, farmers on the borders of these areas are also welcome to apply.

“As a business we have to plan for the future, many of our members are now second-generation organic farmers but others are looking to retire and therefore there is an opportunity for new recruits to the cooperative to keep our loyal consumers well serviced with Calon Wen organic milk and dairy products."