Coastguards were called to help with the search for a high-risk missing person at a Pembrokeshire beach.

Crews were called to assist with the search at Freshwater West Beach on Thursday evening.

The lifeboat launched and began proceeding to the area but was stood down shortly after when it was confirmed that the casualty was safely in the care of the police.

St Govan’s and Dale Coastguard Rescue Teams were also tasked to this incident.

After an eventful day, the lifeboat was stood down with thanks and safely back on her mooring by 10pm.

A yacht with engine failure, sail issues and a crew suffering from seasickness were also rescued on an eventful day.

The yacht issued a distress call from St Brides Bay at around 10.30am.

Angle lifeboat’s volunteer crew launched the all-weather lifeboat shortly after and the vessel made best speed to the yacht, arriving on scene around 40 minutes later.

By this time, the yacht had managed to sail to a position five miles west of Skomer Island.

After speaking with the coxswain, the crew of the yacht were able to release the sail and a tow was swiftly passed.

With the tow secure the crew began the journey towards Milford Docks, arriving at the entrance around three hours later.

Due to the conditions the was yacht towed straight onto the marina basin to allow more shelter from the easterly wind. Once inside the basin, the yacht was brought alongside and manoeuvred onto a nearby pontoon.

The lifeboat and her crew were stood down to return to station with the lifeboat back on her mooring and ready for further service by 4pm.Just five hours later the crew was paged again.