Students from West Wales will be supported by a logo with 700 years of tradition behind it when they play rugby against teams from the USA and Canada in July this year.

Players from Dyffryn Taf School, Whitland, will be facing teams in Seattle, USA and Vancouver, Canada and school was looking for sponsorship to help with the costs.

It is delighted to have received support from the 700-year-old Laugharne Corporation, once the municipal authority for the township that continues today as a charity for the benefit of local residents.

Ancient crest

The head of Laugharne Corporation is the Portreeve, Anthony James.

He said: “We are delighted to help students from Laugharne and, in this case, the wider area, in pursuing their sporting ambitions.

"In addition to financial support, we suggested adding the Corporation’s ancient and traditional crest to their shirts and the school was happy to take up the idea.

"It’s a small demonstration to Americans and Canadians of the history of Wales and let us hope it brings them every success.”