Pembrokeshire is renowned for its beautiful beaches and gorgeous views, but some of its restaurants are worth visiting too.

Here is a list of the top 10 best restaurants in Pembrokeshire, as rated by Trip Advisor.

10) Runwaysklin

With over 351 reviews and a five-star rating overall, Runwaysklin is a reliable place to start your culinary adventure in Pembrokeshire.

Based in Marloes Sands, it’s possible no one would find this restaurant if the internet didn’t exist. But at the same time, its location near the sea and green fields only enriches a diner’s experience.

As for the food, Runwaysklin offers timeless classics such as Chilli con carne, Beer-battered cod and chips and beef burgers for carnivores and pescatarians.

Meanwhile, vegetarians can enjoy Harisa grilled aubergine, garlic roast field mushrooms and grilled goats’ cheese with toasted walnuts.

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9) The Mill St Davids

If you’re looking for a warm, hearty and cosy restaurant in Pembrokeshire, The Mill St Davids is an excellent choice. Ranked as the second-best eatery in Haverfordwest, this café provides tasty breakfast and lunch options with generous portion sizes to match.

And if you have a bit of a sweet tooth, there are lovely home-made cakes to send you into a peaceful food coma.

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8) Grain

Based on the high street in St David’s, Grain offers the best takeaway pizza in the whole of Pembrokeshire. It’s not your traditional, thin-crusted Italian pizza, but rather a Welsh twist with bold flavours and some pretty unique recipes.

For example, the Strumble Head pizza has smoked mackerels on it whereas Ultracomida has Manchego cheese.

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7) The Links

Rated as the number one restaurant in Temby, The Links is one of the fancier and more expensive restaurants in Pembrokeshire. You won’t spend £20 on dinner for two, though you will be astonished by the food on your plate.

Minimalistic, sleek and precise, The Links is for those who appreciate exceptional grub and also watch Professional MasterChef on TV.

6) Sand and Stone Kitchen

Close to Broad Haven Beach, Sand and Stone Kitchen is a fitting name for this rustic Pembrokeshire restaurant.

You just have to look at the pictures on Trip Advisor to see that you will be fed like a king in this place. And if you thought burgers were big in fast-food restaurants like McDonalds and Burger King, this place brings a new meaning to ‘large’.

5) The Really Wild Emporium

Some restaurants are just great at serving all kinds of cuisines and The Really Wild Emporium is one of them. It doesn’t matter if you want seafood, meaty dishes, warm soup, a cheese board or delightful pudding, this St David local has you covered.

Furthermore, The Really Wild Emporium offers a six-course tasting menu on Thursday and Friday evenings so you can get really wild with your tastebuds.

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4) The Brewery Inn

The Brewery Inn is located in Cosheston on the edge of Pembrokeshire, yet with almost 1000 reviews on Trip Advisor this restaurant might be worth the journey.

British is the cuisine and diners will have the luxury of consuming juicy beef steaks, beautifully cooked fish and chips, mouthwatering Yorkshire puddings and a delightful sticky toffee pudding for dessert.

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3) The Pembroke Yeoman

The Pembroke Yeoman is ranked as the best restaurant in Haverfordwest. Strictly open from 5pm-11pm on Friday and Saturday and 7pm-11pm on all other days, this Pembrokeshire establishment specialises in simple yet elegant dinner food.

And as a self-proclaimed pub, you will also have a wide selection of drinks to choose from when you visit. Not to mention, entertainment from local musicians and an open mic night.

2) Pointz Castle Ice Cream

The second-best restaurant in the whole of Pembrokeshire is an ice cream shop according to Trip Advisor.

Temporarily closed for another week, it’s fair to assume is not overly popular during the cold, winter months in Wales.

However, in spring and summer, there is simply no competition when it comes to the greatest ice cream in the land.

Based in Solva near the sea, Points Castle Ice Cream has a range of fun and quirky flavours for you to enjoy when the temperature starts to heat up.

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1) Mrs Will The Fish 

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If you’re into seafood, you just have to visit Mrs Will The Fish in Solva. Prawns, crabs, shellfish, lobsters and sea food platters, there is so much to choose from and enjoy.

One review on Trip Advisor reads ‘Do not pass this place without stopping’ and that epitomizes how highly rated this establishment is by Pembrokeshire residents.

You would usually expect such exceptional grub to come from a Michelin star restaurant at astronomical prices, but Mrs Will the Fish is here to provide outstanding sea food to all.