A Pembrokeshire man has been told he must keep his dangerous dogs under control, or they will be destroyed.

Aaron Solomon, 33, appeared at Haverfordwest Magistrates Court earlier this month accused of being the owner of a dog which was dangerous and was not kept under proper control in Monkton on January 15 this year.

Magistrates ordered that his three dogs; an adult XL bully bitch named Nebula, an adult Dutch herder dog named Rocky, one adult German Shepherd dog called Diesel must be kept under proper control or they will be destroyed.

Solomon of Montgomery Close, Monkton, Pembroke, must keep the dogs under proper control at all times.

All three dogs must wear a collar and tag when in a public place identifying the owner’s name and address. They must not have unsupervised contact with anybody under the age of 18.

When out in public, and when in a vehicle that is in a public place, all the dogs must be fitted with a muzzle sufficient to prevent them biting a person, but which does not inhibit breathing, panting or drinking. They must be securely held on a lead attached to a collar by a person aged 16 or over.

A maximum of two of the three dogs can be walked in a public place by one person at any one time and they can’t be walked at the same time as any dogs not on the order.

Magistrates ordered that the curtilage of Solomon’s property at Montgomery Close must be made properly secure. No dog is to be left unsupervised in the front or back garden of the Montgomery Close property or of any other home where Solomon lives.

The Dutch herder Rocky has to be micro-chipped and Solomon must provide the microchip number to police upon request.

Solomon was ordered to pay £226 to Dyfed-Powys Police who had applied for the order. He must pay this in instalments of £5 a week.