Pembrokeshire farmers met with MP Stephen Crabb and MS Samuel Kurtz recently to share their concerns over the planned sustainable farming scheme.

The meeting, held on March 8 at Poyerston Farm in Cosheston, discussed discontent with Welsh Government farming policies.

Mr. Crabb, farmer, Roger Lewis, and additional NFU Cymru farmers and representatives had an informal conversation surrounding recent mass demonstrations by farmers against proposed changes.

The farm visit provided Mr. Crabb and Mr. Kurtz an opportunity to understand the agricultural operations more practically.

They were taken on a tour of the rotary milking parlour and learnt about the Welsh Government NVZ rules, discuss the Sustainable Farming Scheme and deliberate over the ongoing Bovine TB outbreaks, which collectively threaten farming's future in Wales.

Stephen Crabb MP shared his impressions from the visit.

He said: "It is clear from speaking to farmers today that a major overhaul is needed to the Welsh Government’s Sustainable Farming Scheme.

"The levels of stress and anxiety over all the new policies are justified and a lot of work needs to be done to restore the relationship of trust between Welsh Government and farmers."

He also added a warning about the potential impact stating that, "As the current policy stands, we are anticipating 5,500 jobs lost, a £200m hit to farm business incomes and 11 per cent less livestock in Wales."

Samuel Kurtz MS added: "Agriculture is the backbone of our local economy, yet the fear in the sector at the Welsh Labour Government's plans are real."

Mr. Kurtz assured their commitment to voice farmers concerns in the Senedd and in Westminster.

Roger Lewis concluded: "There are a number of factors which are really adding to the pressure on farming businesses at the moment."

Mr Lewis urged Mr Crabb to argue for more support for Welsh farmers in Westminster.