A DRUNK who fought with his friend at Swansea railway station punched and spat at police officers before urinating in his cell and smearing himself in faeces.

Jordan Mruk, 25, of Martletwy, near Narberth, appeared at Swansea Crown Court charged with a series of offences in Swansea on May 28 last year.

Prosecutor Alycia Carpanini told the court that police were called to a report of two men fighting outside Swansea train station.

After the officers arrived, the men left the station.

A short time later, police received another call saying the men had returned. Mruk “became aggressive while refusing to leave,” Ms Carpanini said.

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As the officers called for back-up, the defendant ran away and left the railway station. When he was apprehended, he punched one of the officers in the chest.

Mruk was PAVA sprayed and then carried towards the police vehicle. While he was carried towards the van, he spat on one of the officers.

Whilst in custody, the defendant started making multiple racial slurs.

When he was in his cell, the defendant urinated on the door and then defecated and smeared it on the intercom and over himself.

In interview, Mruk said his actions were in self-defence, and that he hadn’t spat at the officer, but was instead “only clearing his throat”, Ms Carpanini said.

He claimed he didn’t have any toilet roll in his cell and that he committed the offences as he was “denied his human rights”.

Mruk, who has 16 previous convictions, pleaded guilty to two offences of assaulting an emergency worker, criminal damage and racially aggravated harassment at a plea and trial preparation hearing.

The court heard that Mruk was subject to a suspended sentence at the time, after he had been sentenced last February to 12 months, suspended for two years, for threatening to damage property.

Caitlin Brazel, in mitigation, said the defendant admitted being “embarrassed by his behaviour” and that “his responses to the police were unacceptable”.

She said the defendant had turned to drink and drugs “as a coping mechanism” earlier in his life, but had now given these both up because he didn’t like his behaviour he was while under the influence.

Judge Daniel Williams jailed Mruk to a total of three months for the offences, and a further nine months for breaching a suspended sentence.

Mruk's friend, 22-year-old Alfie Cooper-Tenain, pleaded guilty at Haverfordwest Magistrates' Court in January to assaulting an emergency worker.

Tom Lloyd, representing Cooper-Tenain, said the defendant was “young, he’s stupid, he’s gone out and things have escalated culminating in this.”

Cooper-Tenain, of Erw Lon in Penycwm, was ordered to pay a fine and costs amounting to £453 and £100 compensation to the assaulted officer.