A 78-YEAR-OLD from Tenby admitted careless driving after he overtook a cyclist in to the path of a learner driver.

Terence Mayhew, of Lamack Vale, was charged with driving without due care and attention at Llanelli Magistrates' Court on March 13.

The court heard that a learner driver was driving on the A4139 at Pembroke Dock on August 12. The learner’s dashcam footage showed the defendant’s Volvo V50 overtaking a cyclist and crossing the central white line, causing the learner to have to move out of the way.

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Mayhew’s driving was said to have “fell below that of a careful and competent driver”.

The defendant pleaded guilty to careless driving, and was ordered to pay a total £166 in a fine, costs and a surcharge.

He also had three points added to his licence.