Areas of Pembrokeshire could be underwater by the end of the decade, a climate change study has revealed. 

The study conducted by Climate Central - an independent organisation of leading scientists and journalists who research climate change and its impact on the public - explores sea level rises and coastal flood threats.

Using current projections, the organisation produced a map showing which areas of the UK could be underwater by 2030.

The map shows small areas of Pembrokeshire will fall victim to rising sea levels if the projections are correct.

Western Telegraph: Large areas of Tenby are predicted to be underwater by 2030Large areas of Tenby are predicted to be underwater by 2030 (Image: Climate Central)

Parts of Haverfordwest, mostly around the Western Cleddau River, will be underwater by 2030. 

Tenby will be the worst affected area in Pembrokeshire, with large parts of the town expected to be wiped out under Climate Central projections.

Cardigan and Milford Haven are also set to see areas underwater by 2030.

Climate Central does state these projections are subject to "some error". 

It said: "As these maps incorporate big datasets, which always include some error, these maps should be regarded as screening tools to identify places that may require deeper investigation of risk."

Climate Central added: "Our approach makes it easy to map any scenario quickly and reflects threats from permanent future sea-level rise well.

"However, the accuracy of these maps drops when assessing risks from extreme flood events.

"Our maps are not based on physical storm and flood simulations and do not take into account factors such as erosion, future changes in the frequency or intensity of storms, inland flooding, or contributions from rainfall or rivers."