The next New2Golf course gets underway at the South Pembrokeshire Golf Club his month.

It’s open to those of all ages, from six upwards, who would like to get involved in the sport.

The club will be running six initial lessons with its professional, Gareth Edwards This will be followed by a second series of six lessons and a graduated membership scheme to give the opportunity to be totally integrated in the club.

Cathy and Denise's story

Two members of the club inspired by their recently-completed course are Cathy and Denise, who explained how they progressed.

They said: “Once we expressed an interest in New2Golf, we were given a comprehensive overview of guidelines and objectives, so we were well prepared for the first session.

“It was a wonderful opportunity to receive coaching from a professional at a very reasonable rate.  Confidence quickly grew as all participants were starting at the same level and all groups were supported by mentors who were club members.

"Wonderful introduction"

"After a few sessions with the professional, arrangements were made for or us to play a few holes, mixing with other participants, again supported by mentors. This approach supported our learning and was a wonderful initial introduction to the friendly club.

“After completion of the New2Golf course, we were offered a reduced membership for our first year as golfers with unlimited access to the course allowing us to put in cards and be given our handicap

“We were given a warm welcome by the ladies section and received many offers to accompany us on the course. This helped us become more proficient and confident, so the next year we were in a position to apply for a full membership and play alongside more experienced members .

“If we hadn’t attended the New 2 Golf course we wouldn’t be enjoying this sport and the social life that goes with it today.”

How to take part

The first taster will take place at 6pm on Tuesday April 30.

Anyone interested is asked to register on or contact the secretary on 01646 621453.