A Pembrokeshire hotel is displaying a collection of portraits from a renowned artist.

Twr y Felin in St Davids, known as Wales's first art hotel, has added a selection of art pieces by Grahame Hurd-Wood to its already extensive display of more than 200 contemporary artworks.

Mr Hurd-Wood is a Pembrokeshire artist, who over the years, has dedicated his time to creating portraits of individuals residing in and around St Davids, the smallest city in the UK.

The inspiration for this project sparked from a personal loss and a thoughtful conversation with friend Meredydd Barker at a local pub.

In honour of this motivating chat, Mr Hurd-Wood kickstarted the project by making his friend his first portrait, that very day.

Over time, the endeavour evolved as he became increasingly intrigued by the variety of inhabitants who call St Davids their home.

Talking about the project, Mr Hurd-Wood said: "Personally, it's about the connection with the sitter and the contact with someone.

"Everyone is different, and I think people find it really important to be painted, but actually, I feel important to be able to paint them".

So far, he has managed to complete around 900 portraits.

He is exhibiting two panels, each consisting of 35 portraits at the Senedd in Cardiff, as part of a precursor to a grand exhibition planned for 2025.

Recalling their past connection from Oriel y Parc, Emma Bowen, the general manager of Twr y Felin, said: "At the time, he was the artist in residence and his portrait project was gaining national and international attention.

"Channel 4 came to the centre to film a news piece and Grahame needed a sitter, which is where I stepped in.

"He has now kindly included my portrait in one of the panels here at Twr y Felin."

She added: "I am pleased we are able to showcase a small selection of his work and to enable a new audience to see this incredible project.

"I also hope that some of the people featured will visit to see their portrait at the hotel."

Members of the public can view Grahame Hurd-Wood's city portrait collection at Twr y Felin Hotel's Oriel Lounge.

For more information, visit the hotel's website or call 01437 725 555.