Pembrokeshire County Hall will light up in blue to mark World Parkinson's Day this year.

On April 11, the landmark will show its support for those living with the disease.

The annual observation day seeks to raise awareness about the condition and honour the resilience of the global Parkinson's community.

Parkinson's is currently the fastest growing neurological condition worldwide.

In Wales alone, about 8,300 people are managing life with this incurable disease.

Parkinson’s UK is urging everyone to 'Make It Blue' for World Parkinson's Day.

From illuminating buildings in blue to blue bake sales, everyone is encouraged to help raise awareness.

Janette Miles, a local volunteer who lives with Parkinson's, said: "We are thrilled that Pembrokeshire County Hall is supporting World Parkinson’s Day by lighting up blue.

"We need to raise awareness of this condition, dispel myths and misconceptions and show people that you can live well with Parkinson’s."

Western Telegraph: On April 11, the landmark will show its support for those living with the disease

Additionally, there will be an art exhibit celebrating World Parkinson's Day 2024.

From April 8 to April 13, artwork produced by the Parkinson's community will be displayed at Fishguard library.

Ms Miles added: "We’re also really excited about the art exhibition, the first of its kind in Fishguard, we are so proud to showcase what you can do even when you have Parkinson’s."

Ana Palazon, Parkinson’s UK Cymru director, said: "Every day people are impacted by the reality of Parkinson’s, but on 11 April we will celebrate our brilliant community when we come together and make it blue.

"We are delighted that Pembrokeshire’s County Hall is showing support and inspiring others.

"The art exhibition at Fishguard Library is a great opportunity to show off the creativity of the Parkinson’s community.

"We’re sure the exhibition will be a great success and a huge thank you to all involved in making it happen."